World Class Finess' in Surface Finish :

"Cut-ite"Flap wheel is flexible and quickly adapts itself to the shape the work. The work is affected by the edge of the flap only. To keep a keen cutting edges and shape during their life cycle.

Products Feature and Benefits :

Long Life : Provide Continuous grinding there by permitting easy automation.
No Burning : Air cooling effect prevent burning and thermal deformation.
No Loading : Freshing effect produces new grinding surface continuously and prevent loading.
Scratch Pattern : Provide uniform surface roughness from beginning to end.
Good shaping ability : Provide very effective grinding of curved or irregular surface.
Flexible : Due to flexible geometry inspite of accidental high pressure metal gouging does not occur.
Mineral : ALO. Grit: 60 to 600 Mesh.
Size : 100 mm to 350 mm OD. Width : 25 mm to 150 mm

Product Process Image

Mop Wheel

Diameter x width Hole Dia meter Max RPM 1/Min Grit 60 Grit 80 Grit 120 Grit 150 Grit 180 Grit 220 Grit 320
25 x 25 6 3200 CM060011 CM080011 CM120011 CM150011 CM180011 CM220011 CM320011
50 x 25 6 3200 CM060021 CM080021 CM120021 CM150021 CM180021 CM220021 CM320021
50 x 50 6 3200 CM060022 CM080022 CM120022 CM150022 CM180022 CM220022 CM320022
80 x 25 6 3200 CM060031 CM080031 CM120031 CM150031 CM180031 CM220031 CM320031
80 x 50 6 3200 CM060032 CM080032 CM120032 CM150032 CM180032 CM220032 CM320032

Note : The text Marked with yellow colour are fast moving products.