An Excellent starting point for New Generation requirement of medium to heavy Deburring. VXL deburring and Finishing wheels

Made with Valgro-Fynex Heavy duty Impregnated Nylon fiber abrasives material wind on a resin core and bonding with together with high compress technology. Specially designed for medium to heavy deburring, High finishing and polishing effect on solid metal surface. We have three qualities of convolute wheels.

Cut N polish wheels : Light cutting as well as finishing of machining line, this will specialty designed for micro stock removal, 2 to three micron stock removal capacity. Suitable for rough grind line finishing, coated abrasives scratch blending, surgical and orthopedic implants wire cut parts finishing etc.

8A medium Deburring wheels : This is suitable for all general purpose application, It is best against 3M 8AMED. Wheels more cutting action and faster finishing rate.

ZM Blue polish wheels : When customer require high finish in final finishing operation this is most suitable.

Typical User :
Manufacturers :

Aerospace component manufacturers: Blades, Vanes, Rotors, Housings, Fasteners, Airframe Parts, Extrusion, Control Surface, Rocket Cans, Nozzles, Valves, Etc.

Other Manufacturers : A Hand tools, Builder and Furniture hardware, Machinery Instrument, Surgical Instrument, Engines and Components, Formed wire products, Aluminum extruders, Automobiles Equipment,

Typical Application :

  • Hole deburring on machined or formed parts
  • Deburr shear edges Keyways
  • Removing wire edges from surgical instrument
  • Deburr stainless steel piston rings, machined parts, Gears, auto and appliance trim, Aluminium extrusions, Gas turbine blades, Aircraft wings spares
  • Removing Microburr, Carbon and Black heat spot
  • Deburr aluminum die cast flashing
  • Refine surface of jet blade airfoils
  • Removing parting lines from cast turbine blades and vanes
  • Blending Coated abrasives scratch marks
  • Reduce heat & Smearing Problems.
  • Help you More Parts per Hours.
  • You will Feel the Cushion in this Wheels and Me how they hold their Sharp Longer.

Product Process Image



Diameter x width Hole Diameter Max RPM 1/min Coarse CnP Medium 8AM Blue ZMB
150 x 12 25.4 6000 CNP0601 8AM0601 ZMB0601
150 x 25 25.4 6000 CNP0611  8AM0611  ZMB0611 
150 x 50  25.4  6000  CNP0621  8AM0621  ZMB0621 
200 x 25  76.2  4500  CNP0813  8AM0813  ZMB0813 
250 x 25  76.2  4500  CNP0823  8AM0823  ZMB0823 
250 x 50  140  2800  CNP0102  8AM0102  ZMB0102 
300 x 25  140  2800  CNP0121  8AM0121  ZMB0121 
300 x 50  140  2800  CNP0122  8AM0122  ZMB0122 
350 x 50  190  1800  CNP0142  8AM0142  ZMB0142 
400 x 50  215  1800  CNP0162  8AM0162  ZMB0162 
450 x 50  254  1800  CNP0182  8AM0182  ZMB0182 

Note:- The text Marked with yellow colour are fast moving products.