For smooth and gleaming metal surface :

Focus Area : SS Fabrication Industries

The Valgro-Fynex metal surface finishing system is the most versatile method for all applications where a linear scratch pattern required with reduce finishing cost. Whether you work in stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass, copper or other alloys. Mostly prefer by stainless steel kitchen equipment, Pharmaceutical machinery mfg., Dairy & Ice-cream equipment, food processing equipment, architectural fabricators.

kombi Metal Surface Finish brush :

This is a Firm, coarse Nonwoven flap and Coated strip for tough cleaning, graining and scratch blending application. Produce a satin line finish kombi Metal Surface Finish brush.

x width
Hole Diameter RPM Coarse AM+60 Coarse AM+80 Coarse Am+120 Medium ZM-150 Fine Fn+220
100 x 100 19 3200 MSF6044 K MSF80044K MSF12044K MSF15044 K MSF220 44K
115 x 100 19 3200 MSF6054 K MSF8054 K MSF120454K MSF15054 K MSF22054 K
150 x 75 50.8 2800 MSF6063 K MSF8063 K MSF12063 K MSF15063 K MSF22063 K
Product Process Image



Plain Brush :

It ensures a wide variety of shadow-free finishes. Ideal for polish, burnish, blend, de-burring, clean, and brighten any metal surface.

Uniform and consistent finish over the entire life of the wheels. Will not load or glaze.

x width
Hole Diameter Max RPM 1/min Coarse Medium Fine Super fine
100 x 100 19 3200 MSF60044 P MSF40044 P MSF47044 P MSF51044 P
115 x 100 19 3200 MSF60054 P MSF40054 P MSF47054 P MSF51054 P
150 x 75 50.8 2800 MSF60063 P MSF40063 P MSF47063 P MSF51063 P

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