Company News

Company News

VALGRO INDIA LIMITED, Manufacturer and Exporter of SPECIALITY abrasives BRUSH AND BRUSHINGS MACHINE, has launched a FRESH and informative website a site aimed to Surfacing, Deburring, Finishing, Cleaning, Polishing, De-scaling, De-greasing of Metal working and Sheet Metal processing industries.

The new website combines a comprehensive listing of Full line of abrasives solution, Latest News and Product development, useful articles for surfacing, selection of the right brush, Study case, and Application database.

Recently, we have introduced new product line of Brushing machine for Sheet metal processing industries, Nilox abrasives filament wire brush for Automobile industries, Metal wire brush for maintenances people and Nonwoven abrasives roller brush for sheet metal finishing, Stainless steel services center, Ferrous and non-ferrous steel plant industries.

Valgro-Fynex is a reputed name in surface conditioning abrasives sector and today we are in the position of TOP 10 quality abrasives Manufacturer in the world. The company’s mission is to Clean and green the environment of buffing as well as surfacing applications.

The site will be tremendous valuable for you and provide better solution against traditional operation which increase productivity, reduce rejection and rework with cost effective ideas. “We expect tremendous sales through this user-friendly website.” We hope Valgro website provide real advantage in your industries.