Optimal Answers to Light Deburring & Finishing Challenges :

Heavy Duty "Valgro-Fynex" Disc can also be ganged-up on a shaft to form mops and brushes, The density of the ganged-up product can be varied to suit the user by either incorporation spaces or varying the number of actual discs. This makes the end product extremely versatile.

General Application :

  • Deburring, Polishing, Cleaning, and Blending : Inside diameter cleaning & Finishing of lifter bores, valve bodies, break cylinder, piston cylinder etc.
  • Two discs per set face same direction for push and pull operation
  • Used for same operation as the slotted discs, however, due to the multiple discs per set offer a firmer, more aggressive discs.
  • Effective on all steels, rubber, plastic and composites. It is used for irregular shape like gear Deburring, Slot finishing, Key way Deburring.

Specific Application :

  • Light deburring with power tools
  • Patterning steel fabrication using air and electric tools.
  • Used for glazing cutlery, finishing, deburring and removing discoloration caused by heat treatment.
  • Fitted to an orbital sander to finish aluminum bonnet before the final coat of paint.

Suitable Machines :
Flexible & Straight Shaft Grinder Bench Motor, Pedestal Grinder, Orbital Sander.

Product Process Image



Buff N Blend Single Discs
Diameter RPM Coarse Medium Alo Medium ZM Fine
150 3200 BF1121-06 BF1122-06 BF1124-06 BF1123-06
200 3200 BF1121-08 BF1122-08 BF1124-08 BF1123-08
300 3200 BF1121-12 BF1122-12 BF1124-12 BF1123-12
Buff N Blend Gang Discs
Diameter x width Hole Diameter RPM Coarse Medium Alo Medium ZM Fine
150 x 25mm 10 3200 BFG60-06 BFG40-06 BFGZM-06 BFG47-06
200 x 25mm 10 3200 BFG60-08 BFG40-08 BFGZm-08 BFG47-08

Spiro Bend surface conditioning belt ( 4 Item)

Note : The text Marked with yellow colour are fast moving products.