Superior finish :
Spindle mounted mops are manufactured from closely packed of Valgro material arranged radially around a resin core and bonded to a steel spindle.

General Application :

"Valgro-Fynex" spindle mounted mop wheels are designed for use with air and electric hand tools as well as small bench grinder, they are ideal for small scale cleaning and deburring. Especially useful for cleaning and deburring normally inaccessible areas. "Valgro-Fynex" Mops are generating high-density scratch finishes on all type of metal surfaces.

Suitable Machine :

Portable power or pneumatic tools of various type with collets fixing, drill.

Product Process Image



Spindle mounted Finishing flap brush

Dia meter-x width Spindle Dia-meter Max RPM 1/min Coarse Medium Fine Super Fine Ultra Fine
50 x 25 6 6500 NM6005025 NM4005025 NM4705025 NM5105025 NM4805025
50 x 50 6 6500 NM6005050 NM4005050 NM4705050 NM5105050 NM4805050
75 x 12 6 3200 NM6007512 NM4007512 NM4707512 NM5107512 NM4807512
75 x 25 6 3200 NM6007525 NM4007525 NM4707525 NM5107525 NM4807525
75 x 50 6 2800 NM6007550 NM4007550 NM4707550 NM5107550 NM4807550
100 x 50 6 2800 NM6010050 NM4010050 NM4710050 NM5110050 NM4810050

Special Size and grit available upon request.

Note:- The text Marked with yellow colour are fast moving products.