Ideal for Aggressive Cleaning : of Welds or Metal, Concrete, Wall and wooden surface, General plant maintains

Ideal for removal of coatings : Such as Varnish, Paint, Gasket, light weld spatter, etc.

Strip-cut is made from nylon fibers impregnated with coarse carbide grains and reinforced with epoxy coating. This combination produce an abrasive web material that is sharp, non-loading and flexible, making an ideal abrasive for effective surface cleaning.

Due to a unique open web design, Strip-cut removes only the top "skin" layer of the workpiece without grinding off nor cutting into the surface area. This web construction also allows for cooler grinding, preventing burn marks on surface area.

Usage of this versatile abrasive wheel is common in marine dockyards, Maintenance in plant, car repair workshops, metal fabrication and stainless steel factories.

Its applications are mainly for surface conditioning, blending, weld splatter cleaning, removal of rust, scales, dirt gasket and paint stripping.

Products Manufacture Users :

Coil Coalers , Aluminium Fabricator, Automotive Components, Builders Hardware, Office Furniture, Fabricator, Appliance, Brid Beams, Ship Builders, Utilities, Tube/Pipe, Pressure Vessels, Pipe Fitters, Maintainance, Injection Moulder, Stainless Steel Fabricators, Pre Fabricated Concrete, Power Plants, Wire Drawers, Equipment I MIC.

Angle Discs: Suitable Machine : Power & pneumatic Angle grinder.

Plain Discs: Suitable Machine : Portable power/pneumatic tools with collets fixing, drill Straight shaft grinder.

Product Process Image



Angle Discs
Diameter Hole Diameter Max RPM 1/min Stock ID
115 x 13 22 8300 scad3327
180 x 13 22 5400 scad3328
Plain Discs
Diameter x width Hole Diameter Max RPM 1/min Stock ID
50 x 13 12 2800 scpd3330
150 x 13 12 2800 scpd3332
Spindle Mounted Wheels
Diameter x width Hole Diameter Max RPM 1/min Stock ID
50 x 13 6 6000 Scm5012
50 x 25 6 6000 Scm5025