Specification :

Superior finish : "Valgro-Fynex" flap brushes are uses for finishing curved and irregular shaped parts and with hares to reach areas. They offer great degree of conformability and provide even pressure for uniform surface finishing. Long scratch pattern on softer materials such an aluminium, plastic, Wood. Non-ferrous metal.

They remove debits and contamination from surface to create a clean surface for coating operation. And they provide a consistent satin scratch pattern and other cosmetic finished to improve surface appearance.

Typical Application :

# F 60 Clean N Finish wheel: Mineral A/0, Grade CRS :

  • Removals of surface contaminants such as dust, Medium corrosion, and Light weld spatter Cleaning, dirt, Scale and residue of all type.
  • Surface preparation for Prior to painting or any type of coating.
  • Cleaning and conditioning before welding.
  • Blending of coated abrasive scratch Marks
  • Uniform Scratch pattern on Non ferrous Material.
  • Brushed line finish on soft metal, plastic, woods.
  • General maintenance cleaning.
  • Excellent bonding occurs in such processes any coating, Painting, Soldering anodizing and welding.
  • Replace of convetional products i.e. steel wool, wire brushes, coated abrasive, scraper etc.

# F 40 Blending wheel: Mineral Alo, Grade Medium :

  • After use of #7060 brush for better finishing result
  • Improve surface finishes on metal
  • Removing Coated Abrasive Scratches Marks
  • Blending parting lines, flashing removing solder and adhesive overruns.
  • Cleaning of minor dust, micro burr removing.
  • Finish watch case and watchstrap.
  • Final finishing of wood,
  • Small burr removal on aluminium.
  • Finishing of die and Mould
  • Deburring and finishing of surgical instrument.
  • Matt finish on plastic and aluminum
  • Satin finishing on Metal t Clean and finishes faster, easier with better result than other conventional products like Coated abrasives flap wheels, steel wool, Wire brush, Buffing wheels, Felt Mops, Etc.

# F 47 General purpose wheel: Mineral Alo, Grade Very fine :

  • As the name suggest this wheel is designed to meet an unlimited number of industrial application. * After use # 70
  • 0 brush for better result
  • Cleans and finishes faster, easier with better result then steel wool or coated abrasives wheels.
  • Cleaning prior to welding
  • Blend surface of surgical instruments
  • Decorative stains finish
  • Finish prior to buffing / plating
  • Stain finish cutlery and dairy equipment
  • Remove heat marks
  • Blending micro scratch marks
  • Creating consistent finishing

# F 51 Super Finish wheel: Mineral Sic., Grade Super Fine :

  • Specially designed for aluminium and cast iron components After use # 7040 brush for better result
  • Condition soft metal Surface prior to welding remove light oxide
  • Cleaning copper electrical buss bars Finishing printed circuit boards
  • Deflesh edges of plastic molded parts
  • Surface preparation on aluminium,
  • Blend surface of surgical instruments
  • Decorative stains finish + Finish prior to buffing / plating - Stain finish cutlery and dairy equipment« Remove heat marks
  • Blending micro scratch marks

# F 48 Ultra Polishing wheel: Mineral Sic., Grade Ultra fine :

  • Uses after #F7051 brushes for better polishing effect,
  • Light finishing of aluminum.
  • Wood defusing.
  • Small burr removal on aluminum,
  • Finishing Polishing of surgical instrument,
  • After plating for mirror finish. Satin finish on cutlery & Jewellary equipment.
  • Final finish on metals, woods, plastics and composites material
  • Right for cosmetic cleaning
  • Creating consistent finishes.

Suitable Machine :

Automatic & Semi Automatic machinery such as pedestal grinders, polishing lathes, centreless grinders, drill motor, shaft grinders, P.C.B./ coil cleaning machines, Rotary machines, Straight line machines & Robotic equipment.

Product Process Image



Diameter x width Hole Diameter Max RPM 1/min Coarse Medium Fine Super Fine Ultra Fine
150 x 25 50.8 3200 F600612 F400612 F470612 F510612 F480612
150 x 50 50.8 3200 F600622 F400622 F470622 F510622 F480622
200 x 25 76.2 2800 F600813 F400812 F470813 F510813 F480813
200 x 50 76.2 2800 F600823 F400823 F470823 F510823 F480823
250 x 50 140 2800 F601025 F401025 F471025 F511025 F481025
300 x 50 140 2500 F601227 F401227 F471227 F511227 F481227
350 x 50 190 1800 F601427 F401427 F471428 F511428 F481427
400 x 50 215 1200 - - - - -
450 x 50 254 1200 - - - - -