"Still jog" sleeves are constructed of sharp, even bonded mineral, coated on a strong drill cloth backing and spirally wound over a cloth inner liner. This forms an abrasives-surfaced cylinder that can rotate smoothly in either direction. This easy to use product provide a fast, continuous cut and long life performance so as to get lower costs per work piece.

Application :

  • Finishing Curved or Contoured areas and other hard -to-reach areas.
  • Removing parting lines, imperfection and burrs on all surface.

Accessories-Still Jog Sleeves :
Valgro Rubber slotted expander wheels

Available in a wide variety of size for use with still jog sleeves and belts. Centrifugal force while tool is running holds "Still Jog" on expander wheels

Product Process Image


Diameter x width Max RPM 1/min Grit 36 Grit 60 Grit 80 Grit 120 Grit 150 Grit 180 Grit 220
10 x 25 11000 SL036101 SL060101 SL080101 SL120101 SL150101 SL180101 SL220101
15 x 25 11000 SL036151 SL060151 SL080151 SL120151 SL150151 SL180151 SL220151
25 x 25 8000 SL036251 SL060251 SL080251 SL120251 SL150251 SL180251 SL220251
50 x 25 8000 SL036501 SL060501 SL080501 SL120501 SL150501 SL180501 SL220501
50 x 50 8000 SL036502 SL060502 SL080502 SL120502 SL150502 SL180502 SL220502
75 x 25 5000 SL036752 SL060752 SL080752 SL120752 SL150752 SL180752 SL220752

Note : The text Marked with yellow colour are fast moving products.