Specification :

Typical Application :

sp 7760 Extra duty pad : A pad designed for * weld spatter cleaning, * heavy rust removal * discoloration removal * Prior to painting for putty cutting. Old paint, color removal with surface finishing, it does the work that other pad, steel wool, wire brushes, coated abrasive sheets etc.

sp 7440 Heavy duty pad : 7440 is what you need When the industrial cleaning and finishing job call for tough, long-lasting action. It does the work that other pad, steel wool, wire brushes, conventional abrasive etc. can not do, such as sp weld cleaning * Rust removal * Oxide removal * finishing of stainless steel sp Blending * Deburring * Mould cleaning.

sp 7762 Blending Super Fine pad : A pad designed expressly for blending and finishing of metal surface. It provides a cleaner and more attractive surface finish than steel wool, wire screens or coated abrasive for * blending finishing of stainless steel, aluminum, Cast iron * Weld blending * Oxide removal * paint removal *wood high-lighting. * M.G. roll cleaning * Scouring of reactor vessels tanks etc.

sp 4400 Cleansing pad : Mainly use for * light cleaning on final finish job sp Cleaning painted surface * Glass Vessels cleaning * Cleaning of ceramics and porceline articles.

sp 7447 & sp 1109 Gen. Engineering purpose : As the name suggests this pad is designed to meet an almost unlimited number of industrial application. What you think?. Cleans and finishes faster, easier With better result than steel wool or coated abrasive sheet for application such as * Cleaning of machinery * Scouring of reactor vessels tanks * Cleaning of printed circuit board/electrical contacts in motors/switch gear * Oxide removal * finishing of wood * Deburring of metal and ceramics * finishing of stainless steel and other alloys * finishing / polishing of die and surgical instruments etc.

sp 7448 Ultra fine pad : A fast, easy and economical solution to light cleaning, finishing requirement. Better than steel wool, because it wont splinter and last longer. Ideal for * light cleaning / polishing oxides * Cosmetic cleaning * Light finishing of aluminum * Wood defusing * Small burr removal on aluminum * Finishing surgical instrument etc.

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Metal Scrubing

Part ID Product Description Colour Grade MOQ
spsp7760A Extra Duty Brown Alo CRS 1Box
spsp7440A Heavy Duty Tan Alo Medium 1Box
sp sp77628 Super Fine Black Sic SFN 1Box
spsp7447A HD General Purpose Maroon Alo VFN 1Box
sp sp74488 Ultra Finish Gray Sic ULF 1Box
spsp4400P Cleaning White Plain 1Box
spsp1109A General Purpose Maroon Alo VFNRG 1Box