High Rate of Cut, Provide Uniform Scratch Pattern :

"Valgro-Fynex" combi/interleaved Mop wheels are manufactured from closely packed strips of Valgro material with the addition of a flap of coated abrasive between each layer. The interleaved flaps are then radially to a resin core and mounted on a spindle.

Specific application :

  • Removing paint and conditioning surface on aircraft, boats, garage door, windows, etc.
  • Debarring and satin finishing hard metals
  • Weld removal and blending-in
  • Removing heavy dirt and oxide before plating and painting.
  • Heavy-duty cleaning inside cooling coils, pipes and tubing
  • Light sanding of wood before lacquer.
  • Cleaning Stainless steel
  • Debarring stamped and routed aluminium parts.
  • Deburring and grains finishing stainless steal sheets after conventional coated abrasives.
  • Satin finish on large surface.

Product Process Image



Features Benefits
Constructed of "Valgro" non-woven and coated abrasives material Provide blending action while leaving final finish on work piece
Improved heavy duty non-woven material Durable • Resists smearing • Consistent finishes
Permanently affixed 6 mm shank Secure, safe attachment provides smooth running and ease of control for "off hand" operations
Smear- resistant Clean, smear proof work surface

Spindle mounted Finishing flap brush

Dia meter-x width Spindle Dia-meter Max RPM 1/min Coarse Fine
50 x 25 6 6500 ILC05025 ILV05025
50 x 50 6 6500 ILC05050 ILV05050
75 x 12 6 3200 ILC07512 ILV07512
75 x 25 6 3200 ILC07525 ILV07550
75 x 50 6 2800 ILC07550 ILV07550
100 x 50 6 2800 ILC10050 ILV10050

Special Size and grit available upon request.

Note:- The text Marked with yellow colour are fast moving products.