The compact and handy machine for stationary grinding, deburring and finishing operation. Absolutely different with a standard bench grinder. Ideal for 200mm Out dia and width up to 50mm valgro deburring and finishing wheels. Single phase and Three phase both model available.

Valgro India introduce heavy duty bench grinder cum polisher suitable for deburring and finishing of small machine components by offhand application.

Valgro-Hyzer grinder cum polisher made with high quality raw material. Most favorite for engineering workshop, machine shop, surgical instrument manufacturer where continues deburring operation require.

Each grinder machine with complete with electric motor, on off switch and Valgro deburring wheels metal flange. Valgro-Hyzer grinder machine Available with single and three phase power supply from ¼ to 5 hp capacity. But most suitable for light deburring operation ¾ HP we recommended. ¾ HP grinder machine suitable for wheel dia 200mm OD x 25mm width,
Most versatile use in industries.

Product Process Image