Spindle Mounted Filament Abrasives Wire Brush

Solve many deburring, edge radiusing, grinding and finishing problems. Their compliancy and filament nature accommodate part contours, prevent damage to value-added components, and make them ideal for robotic, semi and fully automated workstations.

Diameter x width Hole Diameter Max RPM 1/min Grit 46 Grit 80 Grit 120 Grit 320
50 6 2500 VMC462 VMC802 VMC122 VMC322
100 12 2500 VMC464 VMC804 VMC124 VMC324
125 12 2000 VMC465 VMC805 VMC125 VMC325
180 19 2000 VMC467 VMC807 VMC127 VMC327