Nilox circular abrasives wire brushes : mainly used for cleaning

Deburring purpose on bench area operation
6" - 14" Diameters. Abrasive nylon is excellent for light deburring, edge blending and general surface finishing. Abrasive nylon wheel brushes are safe, non-reactive and offer an excellent alternative to traditional steel filament brushes for extrusion cut-off burrs and mount on most pedestal grinders. Please consult the abrasive filament chart for other grits and abrasive types

Diameter x width Hole Diameter Max RPM 1/min Trim Length Grit 80 Grit 120 Grit 180 Grit 240 Grit 320
100x25 25 5500 22mm NY080041 NY120041 NY180041 NY240041 NY320041
150X25 50 5500 35mm NY080061 NY120061 NY180061 NY240061 NY320061
200X50 100 4500 60mm NY080081 NY120081 NY180081 NY240081 NY320081
250X50 125 3600 75mm NY080102 NY120101 NY180101 NY240101 NY320101
300X50 190 3000 75mm NY080122 NY120122 NY180122 NY240122 NY320122
350X50 190 2400 100mm NY080142 NY120142 NY180142 NY240142 NY320142

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